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Moore-Haralson's Heritage


Our Agency was originally founded by F.E. Shell in Gaines County in the early 1900's. After Mr. Shell's death the agency was sold to W.A. Cox in 1913. Mr Cox owned and operated the agency by himself until 1946 when he sold half of the company to Mr. Ross Moore. The name of the agency then changed to Cox & Moore Insurance Agency. Mr. Moore ran the agency under the name Moore Insurance Agency by himself until 1970 when Carroll Haralson joined Mr. Moore. Carroll had recently purchased the Hearne Insurance Agency in Seminole. Carroll and Ross combined the two agencies to form what is now known as Moore-Haralson Agency. Mr. Moore has since passed away yet his name and legacy live on. In 1983, Texas Tech Graduate Dennis Haralson joined the agency. In 1990 Steve Haralson, also a Texas Tech Alumnus and former bond underwriter for Trinity Universal in Dallas, joined the agency. Since then, several other relatives have joined the family business including Texas Tech graduate and wife of Dennis, Elaine Haralson. Steve has continued writing insurance at a new office that is located in Brownfield, Texas.

Mr. Ross Moore (right) and Mr. Carroll Haralson in 1969.

The original establishment pictured in 1939 (left) and 1955 (right) in Seminole, Texas.

In The Community

Moore-Haralson Agency is a member of the Seminole Education Foundation, and our agents are active in Lion's Club, Seminole Chamber Chamber of Commerce, Seminole Area Industrial Board of Directors, and Pow-Wow Ambassadors.  

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